Is Spray Sunscreen Effective?

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    When summer days of summer are upon us and many people like to spend a lot of time outdoors. most people understand the importance of applying sunscreen every day before heading outside.

    Let’s talk about spray sunscreen, which is the most popular sunscreen product in recent years. Most people say this is the most convenient way to apply sunscreen, especially when we have to apply sunscreen products ourselves to hard-to-reach areas like our backs.

    unscreen Effective

    What Are The Criteria For An Effective Sunscreen Spray?

    No doubt, my friends prefer it over other options. But is spray sunscreen really that effective and convenient?

    To be effective, a spray sunscreen must be:

    1. Can effectively resist UVA&UVB rays in ultraviolet rays

    2. SPF 35 or higher, suitable for various outdoor scenes,

    3. Waterproof if you’re going to be swimming or sweating.

    Sunscreen Spray

    When choosing a spray sunscreen, be sure to double-check that it meets your sun protection requirements.

    The answer is—If these 3 basic criteria are met and the correct amount is used, then spray sunscreen is definitely effective—spray sunscreens are generally recognized as safe and effective, according to the FDA.

    How Much Spray Sunscreen Should You Use?

    However, sprays are more difficult to quantify than non-sprays in terms of how much spray sunscreen to use. In many cases, we will measure how much we need to use according to such standards as how sunny it is today and how long we need to stay outdoors.

    The answer is: Spray generously.

    Given this, it can be tricky to know if you’re actually using enough spray sunscreen to adequately protect your skin, so use plenty and you can’t go wrong, especially girls who love beauty, their obsession with sun protection will be deeper.

    Yes, spray sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and sun damage — but only if you apply enough. While spray sunscreens go on easily enough, it’s harder to know if you’ve put on an adequate amount.

    Spray Sunscreen
    “I know some of the products say that they’re just ‘spray-and-go,’ but that’s not what I recommend,” said Dr. Katta. “I recommend that you spray and then you make sure that you rub it in so that you’re not missing any spots.”
    According to the AAD, it is important to make sure you are reapplying sunscreen every two hours when outdoors or immediately after swimming or sweating no matter what type of sunscreen you are using.
    “There are certain sunscreens that are going to resist the water a little bit better, but regardless, I think it’s really important to every two hours you should be reapplying sunscreen. If you’re in the water and you get out, you should probably go ahead and reapply then also. You want to just take that extra level of caution,” said Dr. Katta.
    Here’s a Spotify audio interview that might help you get your sunscreen spray right.
    Spray Sunscreen
    In short, it is also very important to choose a sunscreen spray that suits you the most. The good news is —Our new product Karseell Sunscreen Spray will be released this year. I do believe this sunscreen spray will live up to expectations and become a strong player in the market!

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